IdeaScale How To

How do I change my profile image?

Changing your avatar

You can change your name and avatar on your IdeaScale Profile.

To change your profile name, go to profile and enter the desired name next to the "Name" text box, and click "Save Changes".

To change your profile image.

1. Click on the "Browse" button and select the image of your choice.
2. Click on the "Upload" button, the chosen image will appear beside the earlier images.
3. Click the image you want to set as your avatar. (A blue outline will be seen around the chosen image) Make sure to "Save Changes".

Profile Information

How can I submit an idea?

Submitting an idea on an IdeaScale community is easy! It can be done in two ways:

1. An idea can be submitted using the orange + icon on the top bar.

Voting in IdeaScale

2. It can also be submitted by clicking on the Submit your idea field below the campaign carousel.

Voting in IdeaScale

Upon clicking the Submit New Idea button, users are taken to an idea submission form.

Voting in IdeaScale

The below categories review what might appear on an idea form depending on how the admin of the community set it up. These are some of our more popular categories but there are many to choose from in our settings.

  • Campaign: The folder/bucket/section where the idea will reside
  • Title: The heading of the idea.
  • Description: The details about the idea.
  • Add linked Ideas: Users can link any existing ideas from the community to their own for reference/relevance. (This option can be seen only if the setting is enabled by the administrator)
  • Submit idea Anonymously: Turning on this switch will submit your idea without your name being disclosed. (This option can be seen only if the setting is enabled by the administrator)
  • Attach an Image or supporting document: Upload any related image, document for additional information about the idea.
  • Tags: Provide tags for an easy search of the idea.

How can I vote on an idea?

In order to vote for an idea you need to login to the community. Once your are logged in simply click on Up or Down vote button of the idea you would like to vote on.

Voting in IdeaScale
Note : If the administrator of your community has disabled voting, you won't see these buttons or they will be greyed out.

How can I comment on an idea?

To comment on an idea, login to the community and click on Comment icon or click on the "Comments" link below the idea description.

Add your Comment

You will be taken to the idea detail page where you'll see a comment field to enter text.

Idea Detail Page

How can I see my activity within the community?

To see your community activity, click on your name or avatar from the dropdown in the top right-hand corner of your community. You will be taken to a new page where your activity details are displayed.

Member Activity Page

How do I follow/unfollow another member?

Following a community member:

By accessing the activities profile of a user(X), another user(Y) can click the link [Follow] to register for the notifications by email regarding (X)'s activities in the community.

Please Note: You can find a user's activity profile from the Kudos or by clicking on their username displayed on their ideas and comments.

User Activities Profile

Each time the user(Y) who is being followed submits an idea the follower(X) will be notified by email.
The follower(X) can also see the activities of the members they follow from:

Profile >> Notifications
Please Note: The member(Y) being followed is never aware of the followers.

Stop following a community member:

In order to stop following a member(Y). The follower(X) can get onto the profile of the one(s) being followed (Y). Then hit the link [Unfollow].

How do I follow or unfollow an idea?

Can users follow ideas?

Yes. When a user is on the idea detail screen and clicks follow (Star icon) button, they will receive an email whenever a comment is made to the idea or whenever the idea moves to a new stage.

Follow an Idea
The user receives a success message once they click on Follow icon for the idea they want to follow, as seen in this screenshot.

Example Community

A user can unfollow an idea by clicking on the blue star icon button.


What are Kudos?

Kudos are an appreciation one member can bestow on another member for their contribution. Kudos are a small token to encourage peer-to-peer recognition between members. Kudos are represented by a hand clap emoji 👏 next to each Idea submitter and commenter's name.

How do I gain a Kudo to give? Simply logging into your community, will gain you a Kudo per day to give to any other contributing member.
How do I know how many Kudos I have left? You'll see the total number of Kudos Received, Given, and Remaining listed in the Community Kudos module on the right-hand sidebar.
Can I give more than one Kudo to another member? Yes, you can, provided you have banked enough Kudos.
Can I give a Kudo to myself? No, we designed Kudos to be shared.
Can I give Kudos to multiple submitters? Yes, provided you have enough Kudos banked you can give a Kudo to co-submitters.
Can I give Kudos to my Idea co-submitters? Yes, if you have submitted an idea with other users you can give Kudos to your co-submitters, provided you have enough Kudos banked to give to all of the other co-submitters.

Voting in IdeaScale