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F6: Developer ecosystem

How can we create a positive developer experience that helps the developer focus on building successful apps?

Number of Ideas: 121
F6: DApps & Integrations

What applications will provide the most value for end users in 2021?

Number of Ideas: 121
F6: Distributed decision making

How can we help the Catalyst community to get better at distributed decision making within the next two Catalyst rounds?

Number of Ideas: 27
F6: Proposer outreach

How can we encourage entrepreneurs from outside the Cardano ecosystem to submit proposals to Catalyst in the next two funds?

Number of Ideas: 38
F6: Catalyst value onboarding

How can we encourage meaningful participation in Project Catalyst from community members in the next two funds?

Number of Ideas: 33
F6: Metadata challenge

How can we utilize transaction metadata to solve real world problems?

Number of Ideas: 35
F6: Grow Africa, Grow Cardano

How do we seed and grow Cardano in Africa?

Number of Ideas: 48
F6: Scale-UP Cardano's DeFi Ecosystem

How can we encourage DeFi teams to build/deploy open finance solutions on Cardano in the next 6 months?

Number of Ideas: 28
F6: Cardano Emerging Threat Alarm

How can we help stakeholders identify serious emerging systemic threats for the Cardano blockchain before a threat overcomes the system?

Number of Ideas: 11
F6: Multilingual resources

How can we motivate non english speakers to learn and grow Cardano ecosystem in the next 3-6 months?

Number of Ideas: 43
F6: DeFi and Microlending for Africa

How can we enable the creation of micro-lending and Defi dApp solutions that fits the African setting?

Number of Ideas: 13
F6: DLT Entrepreneurship Toolbox

How can early stage entrepreneurs develop their skills to execute & communicate great ideas so voters/stakeholders value the project?

Number of Ideas: 25
F6: Partnerships for Global Adoption

How can Cardano enter in global partnerships with United Nations Development Programme and World Bank Group, to leverage mass adoption?

Number of Ideas: 17
F6: NFT Business models

What non-Art use cases of NFTs can distinguish Cardano as the blockchain of choice for NFT based businesses?

Number of Ideas: 93
F6: Atala PRISM DID Mass-Scale Adoption

What will drive mass-scale adoption of decentralized IDs on Cardano?

Number of Ideas: 48
F6: Disaster: When all is at stake

How can we help SPOs tackle risks & plan, develop and participate in disaster recovery tests in a safe hiccup-free and decentralized manner?

Number of Ideas: 12
F6: Scale-UP Cardano's Community Hubs

How do we encourage Local Community Hubs to drive adoption and awareness of Cardano in the next 6 months?

Number of Ideas: 33
F6: Improve and Grow Auditability

How to make the auditing process of funded proposals efficient, distributed and transparent?

Number of Ideas: 12
F6: Fund7 challenge setting

What Challenges should the community prioritize to address in Fund7?

Number of Ideas: 66
Project Catalyst Problem Sensing

Understanding problems with Project Catalyst is our key to making it successful. If we don't understand the nuanced experience we are attempting to transform...

Number of Ideas: 389